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Why is scent marketing important?

Smell affects about 75% of our daily emotions and plays an important role in memory. Our sense of smell is the only sense that is directly hard-wired to our limbic system which controls memory and emotions.

-Martin Lindstrom, Brand Sense


Scent creates a multi-sensory experience in public areas and triggers an emotional connection with
guests at your property. By introducing scent to an environment, we can trigger emotions that lead to a positive experience. 

Don't take our word for it. Let us show you the difference our service makes in your setting.

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Our Brand Experience Scent Marketing System

Your brand is just as much about its scent as anything else. Our goal is to help you achieve ambient scents that have lasting impressions and improve the experience of your guests. Our Brand Experience Scent Marketing Systems can be utilized at entrances, restrooms or any space needing a special touch. Let us install our system in your space for a week at no cost to you. Contact us today!

About Us

Brand Experience Scent Marketing Solutions

Let us help take your brand experience to the next level with a special scent marketing program customized to your exact needs. We can help your business no matter the industry.

  • Hotels, Spas, Resorts

  • Retail Locations

  • Real Estate, Condos

  • Hospitals, Offices, Airports

Our Promises to You

 We are local and our response time for any request is 24 hours.


We maintain the equipment and responsible for servicing. No need to worry if batteries need to be replaced or if machine is working.


We do not require a service agreement. We simply ask for at least a one-year commitment.


Our company generously gives 10% of all gross revenues to Vapor Ministries. By choosing us, you are helping to alleviate third-world poverty and bring hope to the hopeless. Visit



"We have developed a great partnership with Alabama Aromatics over the past year.  Christian's dedication to freshening things up by achieving unique ambient scents, has improved the experience of our guests and occupants.  Christian lives up to all of his promises, which is also a breath of fresh air!"

- Senior Property Manager

Harbert Realty Services

We are Here to Serve You!

Contact us today for a free trial of our scent marketing program in your business.

Christian Maniscalco


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